Sizzling Summer
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Summer is a great time to do theme shows. It makes it attractive to host a show and to attend. Pick a couple of ideas and try it! Have fun and be creative!

1. Build Your Own Sundae Party - Hostess supplies the ice cream and guests bring the toppings. You can also build your own nachos, banana splits, etc.

2. June is Strawberry Month - Strawberry Shortcake party - put all the strawberry candles on sale.

3. Very Berry Party - Make berry desserts, or berry toppings for cheesecake or ice cream; put all the berry candles on sale.

4. Red, White & Blue Party - Makes a great 4th of July show, put everything in the catalogue that is colored red, white and blue on sale; use those colored candles in your display.

5. Ugly Candle Contest - each guest brings his or her ugliest candle to the show; person with the ugliest candle gets it replaced with a new one!

6. Pool party - Blow up a little play pool and put ice and drinks in it; do your show gathered around it!

7. Garden Party - Do your show in someone's garden and have every guest wear their garden hat or big floppy hats.

8. Creative Candle Hat - each guest creates their hat that they wear to the party, but it must have a candle on it somewhere, contest for best hat.

9. Ten to Midnight Party - Do an outdoor party late at night; make sure you burn citronella.

10. Midnight Doubles Party - A late night party for couples only; pair it with wine and cheese tasting, create a romantic atmosphere with candles.

11. Daycare Party - You provide the sitter for a morning or day show for moms.

12. Picnic in the Park or Candles in the Park - Hostess supplies picnic and you do the show out in the park.

13. Potluck Shows - Each guest brings a dish; choose the theme for the potluck; each guest is given a country and she must make a dish from that country to bring.

14. Tealight Scavenger Hunt - hide tealights in the backyard and give hints where to the find them, guests get to keep what they find.

15. Christmas in July or August.

16. Hawaiian Shirt Party - Each guest wears their shirt; offer drinks with little paper umbrellas; purchase paper leis and put one on each guest when they arrive.

17. Dock Party - Have the show out on the dock; have guests bring their own lounge chair to sit in during the party.


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This page last updated  August 09, 2003