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Items for Display:
Ariana, Enchantment Candle Holder, Enchantment Snuffer Set, La Mer Bowl, Aqua Pals, Sandcastle, Travel Tealight, Savannah Lamp, Sunflower Ring, Aloha Gift Set, Fruit Splash
Scents to use:
Ocean Mist, Sky, Pineapple, Green Apple, Summer Peach, Honeydew

Tonight I want you to sit back and relax, let your imagination take over, as you smell
the Ocean Mist & Pineapple, and sense the clean clear Sky.

Here’s Ariana! She’s a magical porcelain fairy that will whisk you away to your Island
Paradise. The Enchantment Candle Holder & Snuffer Set you see by her also tells
you that you are now entering a world of “Enchantment”

As you sense the Ocean Mist, you see the Aqua Pals swimming in the La Mer Bowl,
and memories of frolicking in the Ocean come to mind, and then, as you gaze into
the delicate porcelain Sandcastle with seashells, you imagine that you are the
princess of the castle and a soothing sense of calm falls over you.

You smell the Pineapple in the air as you imagine walking on the beach. You have
your Travel Tealight Holder with you and you feel relaxed.

It is time to head back to your hotel where the Savannah Lamp sparkles with it’s
pineapple design that we know as the universal symbol of Hospitality. It is
surrounded by the Sunflower Ring that makes you smile.

You are ready for a Luau & you see the porcelain Pineapple aglow and the Fruit
Splash with scents of Pineapple, Green Apple, Summer Peach, and Honeydew.

This really has been a scent-sational journey!

I hope you have enjoyed being whisked away to your island- and as you place these
items in your home, the soothing scents of an Island Paradise will always be with

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