Couples Parties
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I had a blast at my show Thurs nite - it was a couples party, although there were SOME singles there - I had the guests pick a partner and we played a silly game:

If your partner lost his/her job would he/she:
- go on welfare
- take a VISA cash advance at 34% interest
- sell [company]

If your partner was in charge of new flavor development at PL, would he/she create:
- Taco Tealites
- Tiffany Tapers
- Miller's Pillars

If your partner absolutely had to have $587.23 worth of PL from tonight's display, would you
- buy it for him/her now
- have a show in two weeks and get if free
- become a consultant, get it free AND get paid for getting it

WELL, it was SO silly we had a ball with it - I gave everyone a little prize for playing and gave all the first timers (candle virgins) an extra gift - told a story about how I came home one nite after a show, walked into a kitchen full of guys playing poker and when my dh asked about my nite, I said "oh, about 700 dollars" They all oohed and aahhed that was a lot of candles to sell in one nite, and I of course, replied, "oh, I didn't sell that, I MADE it" - well it was good reinforcement because most of the poker buddies were there Thurs nite. SO...we had a $400 show, three bookings, one on blitz nite, and one a single (newly divorced) guy who is the business manager at a local large car dealership - lots of guy employees!!! Happens my dh and I were in there Friday looking at a car, and when we saw him, he said he'd been yakking up his show all morning. We're doing it on Oct. 18 before Mon nite football - Giants/Dallas - my thought was that I could greet everyone at the door, collect $50, which they'd spend on a football pool anyways, and then at half time let them know what they ordered LOL. Actually, think I'll offer a discount if they buy something in their team's colors, and offer free holiday gift wrapping and storage if they spend a certain amount.

Linda Toney, UL, CameLites Unit, MOUNTAIN MOVERS REGION

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