Baby Shower Ideas
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May 2000
From the BoB Message Board:

Baby shower suggestions??

I have a family baby shower coming up soon, any ideas on how to incorporate PL
display without stepping on toes? Just want to add some decorations, not do a

Do you know ahead of time what the baby is supposed to be? If it's supposed to be
a boy, I would definitely use Striker,Tee Off, and Batter Up holders with Sky
votives. If it's a girl, use Ariana, Spring Song, and Enchantment with pink candles.
If you don't know, use Teddy Bear (s) with pink and blue candles. suzanne d

Set out...
Wee three, Patio Pals, Ariana, Teddy Bear, Batter Up, Striker, Spring Song With a pastel colored 3-Wick.

Just put things out that could be baby or child looking type PL candles. Becky F

What about the ICT with a spiced plum, sky, and pear votive in it. Maybe put it on
top of the floral tracery - and then put those "building blocks" around the bottom.

What about the hurricane shade on it's side ... and put a pacifier, rattle, diaper
pins, and other baby things inside.

Hang the cascade ... use the jewel candle holders in it ... and hang a rattle or
other toy from the hook at the bottom.

Use the Viking ... and put a bottle on the top level, and three jars of baby food on
the other three levels. DMaree 

You could use candle colors that correspond with the baby's birth month. TheCandleWitch

Definitely use our votives as favors, wrap in toule with either rose or sky votive,
attach the thank you note and on the opposite side, add the care tip for the
votive. Wyldluv

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