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From 11/15/2001

I think this is a great way to show friends (who may have been to so many parties that they do not even want to hear the word "candle") your new holiday products and scents! Invite some of your friends, past hostesses, and guests over for a night of relaxation. The only catch is that they have to bring a batch of their favorite holiday cookies with them along with its recipe. Everyone takes a few of each kind of cookie home with them along with the recipes.

You can offer small prizes based on the ingredients of the cookies. For example, if someone brings pumpkin cookies, you can offer them a pumpkin spice jar for 50% OFF. You can also use this idea for caramel, orange, cinnamon, or vanilla. You can use other small ideas as well. Perhaps someone may bring a delicious cookie that reminds you of one of the many scrumptious votive scents available. These may include black cherry, cranberry, spiced cookies, gingerbread, pear, vanilla, green apple, and more. Let your taste buds be your guide! A simple gift of a single votive is enough of a gesture that will make a guest want MORE!

This is an invitation to gather together without the procedures of a normal show, and create a very relaxing shopping atmosphere for your guests. Of course, the added bonus is that each guest takes home a platter of delicious holiday cookies. Perhaps they will serve them at a candle party of their OWN!

A great way to introduce this idea is to invite moms of school kids during the afternoon while the kids are in class. Every busy mom would appreciate a shortcut to their holiday baking chores.

GOOD LUCK and remember to add to all guests that candles are a calorie free alternative!

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